Outfit of the Day: Introduction

After spending way too much time thinking about how I would start this blog off (and wasting about a week), I figured I should just jump right in!

If you haven’t read my “About” page, here’s a quick refresher. My name is Aimee and I love….well….many different things. If you are at all familiar with a classic movie from the 1960’s about a nun in training who falls in love with a dashing Naval Officer and his many children, well you probably get where my blog name comes from. I can’t just pick one thing to focus on here, so you’ll get a snapshot of a “few of my favorite things”, if you get my drift. 🙂

As the title of this posts reveals, I’m jump starting the blog with an outfit I wore this week. This particular one is a little bit of, how shall I put this, “fast fashion”. Designer collaborations with retailers have become very popular in past years,  with everyone from H&M to Havianas joining in.  Target is no spring chicken when it comes to this- I remember buying from some of the first designer collabs when I was in high school. (Now I’m dating myself!) Proenza Schouler, Paul and Joe, Luella- those are just some of the first ones I remember. Now we have high fashion designers collaborating, like the insanely popular train wreck that was Missoni (that crashed the site and many orders were left unfilled and canceled ) and the super popular Jason Wu collab (oh pink striped dress- how I hate that i missed out on you!). Obviously, these collabs aren’t going anywhere in Target’s mindset, so they introduced the Shops at Target, taking local stores from around the country and bringing their merchandise and vision to the masses. Enter The Webster for Target, a boutique offering a little slice of Miami, Florida.


Dress: The Webster for Target Sheath Dress (here)

Shoes: Old Navy

Earrings: Target

Bracelet: Kate Spade Bow Bracelet

This dress is SO comfortable and I got so many compliments at the meeting that I attended that morning. Excuse the wrinkles-it was SUPER hot that day and I didn’t get a picture before I left the house. The humidity also explains my crazy hair. 😉 While there are a few small things I would change about the dress (it’s unlined), for the price it’s a GREAT deal. I picked up the earrings in the jewelry section the same day. I believe they were $5-6? They go with so much in my closet and I’m glad I found them. The flats I picked up off the Old Navy clearance rack a couple months back for get this….$3. The Kate Spade Bow Bracelet- found that at the outlet store a month or so ago and just COULD NOT leave it behind. I have a feeling you’ll see it pop up here and there over the next few weeks. We kind of have a love affair going on, the bracelet and I. 😉

I’m still trying to figure out the best places to take pictures as I’m kind of limited at the moment, so you may be seeing my front porch a lot more often (along with our Ohio State gnome….GO Bucks!) ;). I’m very excited to share more of my favorite things with you all and hopefully I’ll be back on a consistent basis as I figure out this whole blogging deal.


ps- you may notice that the porch light looks like it’s coming out of my head- I realized it when I edited the photos two days later! oops 😉 fixed and noted for next time-it’s all a growing process, right? 🙂


One thought on “Outfit of the Day: Introduction

  1. Whoo Hoo! nice job. Wished we lived closer then we could be “bloggers” together. It looks great. Can’t wait to read all about your escapades. 🙂

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