Outfit of the day: Rain, Rain, (don’t) go away!

It’s been rainy on and off here the past few weeks, and while many I know are singing this little ditty of yore, I’m embracing it full heartedly. See I’m one of those “weird ones”, you know…..those people who actually likes overcast days and rain *gasp*. I know, I know. Some of you think I need to be committed. 😉  But in all honesty, I actually prefer them to a blisteringly hot summer day…like we are now having. UGH. Only thing is….where do I take pictures? :/ wop wop wop. (It looks like it’s sunny outside in the pics, but trust me it was gloomy) Let’s just say this photo session was a learning experience and after reviewing the pictures (yeah the first one is a little blurry if you enlarge it-oops), I won’t be using this corner again. We’ll just embrace the quirkiness of the distractions *coughpictureofmydogovermyshouldercough* and move on from there……


Headband: scunci

Earrings: gold dipped leaves from Colorado

Jacket: J.Crew Outlet Boyfriend Fit Jacket

Top: Anthropologie Blazing Blouse

Jeans: Joes Jeans Provocateur Petite

Accessories: J.Crew Outlet Braacelet and Citizen Watch from my husband

Shoes: Target Xhilaration Teala Wedges (I was inspired to buy them from this post)


 Admittedly, this jacket has become the latest love in my closet. I scored a great deal on it with a sale, combined with my Summer JCrew Rewards card. I have a feeling it’s one of those classic workhorse pieces that will be in my wardrobe rotation for years to come. I love how it looks polished, yet is relaxed and slouchy at the same time.

The shoes-where do I start about the shoes? After being tipped off to them by Extra Petite, I just had to go hunting for them at my local Target last summer. How can you beat $7?? I wore these SO much at the end of last summer and they are already in heavy rotation again this year. Just proving that something doesn’t have to be pricey to get a lot of love from this lady. 

And for a bit of humor to round out the post…….what happens when you realize the picture on the wall of your dog (not really him, but a dead ringer from HomeGoods) looks like he’s been watching you the entire time *cue Geico commercial with creepy googly eyed money*


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